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Whay a Real Bank is better than a Piggy Bank!When you put money in a bank you put it in a place called a savings account or checking account. These accounts have your name, or your parent’s name on it so the bank knows that the money in that account is yours and no one can get it except you.
You can add more money to the account from the money you get from your allowance, gifts and chores. You can also take it out when you need it, but you should ask your parents first!


Banking at Table Rock Community Bank
Your money in a savings account earns interest. Interest is money that the bank gives you to thank you for keeping your money there.
It is a good idea to keep the money in your account for a long time because the bank will keep giving you money just for keeping it there. So the longer you keep your money in a bank, the more money you get!

Here's How it Works
Say you want to buy a new bike, or say a skateboard. Who knows, maybe you just want to watch your money grow. Your Money can grow with a little help from Table Rock Community Bank.
How Much do You Want to Save a Week?: $
Interest Rate: %
The Total Amount of Money You Need: $

You said the Total Amount you wanted to save is .
With a weekly savings of
and a Savings Interest Rate of
it will take you weeks to save the Total Amount
After weeks you would have .

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